Joe Straus, a fifth-generation Texan and a native of San Antonio, who represents northern Bexar County in the Texas House of Representatives. Joe has also been elected by his colleagues in the House to preside over the chamber as Speaker, making him the first Speaker of the House from San Antonio in more than 100 years.

A graduate of Vanderbilt University, Joe has an insurance, investments, and executive benefits practice in San Antonio. Three decades ago, he met his wife, Julie, at the Barn Door in San Antonio at a campaign event. Julie and Joe have two grown daughters.

Both Joe and Julie have supported initiatives critical to the improvement of the quality of life of Texans, especially for his constituents in the San Antonio area.
The Straus family has a well documented long history of support and compassion for those in need, including the mothers and children victims of violence. Through the years Joe has been unwavering in his support for the mission of The Battered Women and Children’s Shelter of Bexar County.



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